Rotary Club of Meriden, Connecticut
Meriden Rotary Hoopin It Up - 3 V 3 Tournament<br> 
Rotary Club of Meriden

Tournament Info

Tournament Format

All games will be played with one hoop in a half-court format. Each division will be formed into a double elimination bracket.  Teams will be guaranteed two games each.  After losing two games, teams will be eliminated from the tournament. Games will be played to 11 points, with each basket being worth one point.  We will also have a 16-minute time limit on each game so the team in the lead after 16 minutes will be declared the winner.  If someone scores 11 points before the 16 minutes is up, they will be declared the winner.  We will have a referee and a scorekeeper on each game.  Each bracket will be played within a two-hour span throughout the day.  We will crown one champion from each division.

Tournament Schedule

While some adjustments may need to be made to accommodate the number of teams registered per division, the following schedule for games will be generally adhered to as best as possible. Please note that all teams will be asked to register one hour before their first game and all players / teams will be asked to be on premises and ready to play 30 minutes before their first game time in case the schedule runs early.

  • 9 & Under Division - 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • 10-11 Year Division - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 12-13 Year Division - 1:00 PM - 3:0o PM
  • 14-16 Year Division - 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Tournament Rules

  1. Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of two (2) games.
  2. Tournament officials will draw out of a hat to seed teams for each bracket.
  3. Each game will have one referee and one score keeper.
  4. Teams must arrive for their games thirty (30) minutes prior to start time.
  5. Games will start on time or early.
  6. If a team is more than five (5) minutes late to a game, it will result in a forfeit.
  7. The team from the loser's bracket has to beat the team from the winner's bracket twice in order to win the championship.
  8. Based upon registration for each division, it is estimated that each age group's tournament will be completed within two hours. It is recommended that teams not leave the premises in between games.

Game Rules

  1. Games will be played to 11 (all baskets are worth 1 point). There will be 16 minutes on the clock. If neither team scores 11 points within the 16 minute running clock, the team leading at the conclusion of the 16 minute game is the winner.
  2. The team with the higher seed will have possession to start the game. Referees will be aware of who the higher seed is.
  3. The game will start with a check at the top of the key.
  4. After a basket is scored the ball will go to the other team an dwill start with a check at the top of the key. There will be no "make it, take it." 
  5. If a team gets a defensive rebound or steal, teh ball must be cleared behind the designated line. If you get an offensive rebound, the ball DOES NOT need to be cleared.
  6. If a player is fouled in teh act of shooting the will be awarded one free throw. The free throw is worth one point.
  7. If one team commits 7 fouls, the other team will be awarded one free throw on each foul after 7. The free throw is worth one point.
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